Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Our day-to-day lives may leave us feeling stiff, knotted up, and depleted. Bring yourself back into balance and well-being with Massage Therapy.  Massage will release tension, soothe stiff muscles, and correct body structure imbalances. It also has many additional benefits such as improving circulation, diminishes stress, and brings us back into balance.

Deep Tissue

This is a very firm massage that works out the knots and relieves tension that is deep in the muscles.  Ideal for anyone who has chronic muscle pain. This is a great service for anyone needs a strong touch.

Clinical Therapy

This massage is designed to have a more therapeutic effect on muscles. With Trigger Point Therapy we will release muscle tension and relive those deep knots that don’t seem to go away. This will primarily focus on a few muscle groups for maximum effectiveness.


This is a massage with a lighter touch. It is designed to have soothing techniques to promote general relaxation and comfort.


$75 an hour. $100 for 90 minutes.